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Show Pics!     A Huge Thank You to all the judges

                                                        Pine Zalea's Snoop Dogg
                          Pei Kai  Dancing with the Stars  "Nigel"
                                                                  Genji Ni
                                                           Geniji Ni
                                                            Genji Ni
                                             Pine Zalea Snoop Dogg
                                                              Genji Ni
                                                          Genji Ni
Moshka's Claire Bear and Moshka's Ando, it's their first show Ando got winner's dog Claire best opposite  they are 6 months old

The following weekend......

 Claire won sweeps at the PCA National Specialty  Judge Ken Winters
 Claire got Best of Opposite Sweeps on Sunday Judge Jorge Bendersky

PCA National Specialty New York

By Mr. Kenneth Winters (Manticore) Sweepstakes, Saturday, May 15, 2010
 I was happy to judge Puppy Sweepstakes on the first day, and while I was disappointed to have so few under my gaze and hands I was impressed with what I did see and feel. And my light duties, completed before any of the other judging, left me free to observe closely the judging of the regular classes. Sari Brewster Tietjen at the first Specialty and Luc Boileau at the second demonstrated thoroughness, knowledge and assurance, and while their choices naturally were not always the same, you could see how and why they arrived at them, and that both were doing much more than just the standard fob-off of comparing coats and grooming.
In my own modest assignment I followed the same principles. I was looking fundamentally for fine proportion and substance-for-size; sound well-boned correctly shaped legs; short, level backs with high-rooted tails well carried; and open, uncrowded faces with full dark, black-rimmed eyes and broad nose leathers with open nostrils and free inaudible breathing. I found all these qualities in my Best in Sweepstakes, Moshka's Claire Bear, a sweet small pale-red 8-month bitch, feminine but substantial, with lots of chest between her short, stout, properly curved and firmly attached front legs and a lovely close straight- ahead action in her finer-boned rear ones. Her present fault is that she moves too quickly and flies her ears. When, at maturity, she gains a more stately demeanor, I feel sure the flying ears will subside to the proper position. They were well forward when she stood on the table. I was pleased to see that in the regular classes on the second day, Luc Boileau placed her Best Puppy and Reserve to a very lovely Winners Bitch, Snopeke Chilipepper of Pekeden.

Claire got Best Puppy PCA National Specialty  Judge Luc Boileau (Knolland Farm)  She is 7 months old

Claire got Reserve Winners Bitch!!   PCA National Specialty  Judge Luc Boileau (Knolland Farm)  She is 7 months old
                                           Claire Bear Newcastle 2010
                                                         Moshka's Ando
                                                      Moshka's Ando
                                                     Ando is a Champion
 Ando's first weekend out as a special; he won best of breed his first 7 shows  he is being expertly shown by my good friend Debi Huml
                                               Moshka's Living on a Prayer  "Brutus"
 One of Ando's Major wins at Canfield with a peke specialty supported entry

 Ando finished his Grand Championship in 6 weeks with limited showing he finished with 6 majors we are so proud of our boy  he is 23 months

                                                                      Claire Bear

  Claire Bear's 5 point Major Win at the Canton Ohio Pekingese Specialty in Canfield Ohio a huge thank you to the judge Beth Sweigart and handler Debi Huml

Moshka's Heartbreaker  " Katie's"   5 point major win in Monroe Mi;  Imperial Pekingese Club of Greater Flint  she is 6 months her first show
 Molly's best puppy and reserve winner's bitch in Monroe Mi Imperial Pekingese Club of Greater Flint  she is 10 months
                                                            Moshka's Heartbreaker  "Katie"
                                Katie in Louisville winning Sweeps shown by Cathy Bailey




    Katie got Best Opposite at the Canton Ohio Pekingese Specialty




                                                Jesse and Leah 




                                                       Champion Leah!

                                                     Champion Mason!

                                                             Lua and Ben 



Ozzy my dear friend Nanette showed him for a major!


                                              Ben gets his Championship



Walt gets his Grand Championship

 Pequest Ghostbuster finishes his Championship at the Triple Crown Specialty Show
                                                   Pequest Ghostbuster